Expanding Our Awareness to See a Multi-Dimensional Reality



Paul Lenda, Guest Post
Waking Times

We perceive Reality through our senses which convince us that the way in which we experience the world around us is exactly the way it exists. The true nature of Reality, however, is not experienced through this superficial perception of the world and limits the incredible (some say magical) nature of the universe and beyond. Thanks to the new physics led by such luminaries as David Bohm, Ervin Laszlo and Fred Alan Wolf, the collective consciousness now has easy access to the in-formation about the universe showing us that Reality is far more complex and interwoven that we have imagined it to be.


The illusion of a stable dense reality that we call the third dimension can distort our very understanding of what we are, how we are, and why we are. We oftentimes put too much trust in our basics senses without seeing if there is more than meets the eye (oftentimes doing so in order to create simple answers to complex questions). The wonderful truth is that there is much, much more to life than this. The new physics validates many understandings of life, the universe, and Reality as a whole that were experienced by the sages, the mystics, and the meditators of ages past. One of the most incredible validations is the reality of multi-dimensionality.


David Bohm, one of the most forward-thinking paradigm-shifters of the new physics, had discovered through mathematical equations and actual experiments that particles making up matter in the form of a flower, chair, human, etc. are literal “projections of a higher-dimensional reality which cannot be accounted for in terms of any force or interaction between them”.


It’s discoveries and proclamations such as this one that have helped establish with larger and larger certainty the idea that we are living and experiencing a world that is a holographic projection out of some primary Reality. It is the understanding of such a fundamental aspect of reality that made physicists such as Albert Einstein and Max Planck to effectively put forward the idea that matter, the way we perceive it to be, does not exist.


When we understand that all is one and that everything is connected to everything else within our lives, the planet and the universe, then we cannot just stop there…we have to expand it far beyond these limitations. David Bohm explained that the “implicate order (the unbroken wholeness of the totality of existence as an undivided flowing movement without borders) has to be extended into a multidimensional reality. In principle, this reality is one unbroken whole, including the entire universe with all its ‘fields’ and ‘particles.’”


Reality may seem vast, elaborate and complex yet it is ultimately an undivided Whole.

We perceive the Whole as something that is incredibly fractionated in all sorts of ways (stars are different from swimming pools which are different from bananas which are different from video games) yet all of these supposed divisions arise from the same Source field and energy that expresses itself in a unique way as to develop this Source field of energy in as many different configuration patterns as is possible….and anything is possible leaving this truly infinite in its scope.


Accepting a multidimensional reality is one of the most significant paradigm shifts that you can have in your lifetime. The way you look at everything changes. You even have the ability to experience reality in a far wider way than you once did since you will be more aware of there being more than what you previously thought there was “out there.” All the seemingly empty space around you will not be empty anymore. Bohm and other physicists have shifted their positions of awareness to see the world through this new lens of wonderment. Bohm said that “what we call empty space contains an immense background of energy, and matter as we know it is a small, ‘quantized’ wavelike excitation on top of this background, like a tiny ripple on a vast sea.”


Looking deeper into these energy ripples on the cosmic sea, physicists have found that in a cubic centimeter of seemingly-empty space, with the shortest possible wave (10^-33 cm), there is far more energy than the total energy of all the physical matter in the known universe. The amazing and incredible nature of this discovery is almost surreal, yet it’s been found to be a very real aspect of our Reality.


Why live in a shadow of what truly is? Let go of all past perceptions about a bland three-dimensional Reality that you may have once had. Understand, experience, and embrace the upgraded reality you can now undoubtedly become aware of. See the incredible magic that you are a part of, since you are multidimensional just as everything else is. Welcome to your new upgraded Reality. Your life will look completely different from here on out.


About the Author

Paul Lenda is a conscious evolution guide, author of The Creation of a Consciousness Shift, and co-founder of SHIFT>, a social community focused on anchoring in the new paradigm and assisting the positive transformation of humanity. With the drive to be aware of and experience the wider horizon of Reality, Paul has developed an extensive background in the spiritual and transformative elements of life; one that is both knowledge and experienced-based. Visit his website www.shift.is, follow him on Twitter or visit the Shift Facebook community.

How We Create Reality




Do you wonder why life is a chaotic roller coaster of both positive and negative events?  Have you, like most, earnestly tried positive thinking, meditation or prayer without any tangible beneficial results?  Do you stress over your quietly desperate realization that you have little control over your own life?  Do you fear that most of us are floating helplessly like plankton on the waves?  Don’t you wish you had a magical power to change your life and the lives around you for the better?  Well, the good news is that you do!


After reading this a few times, you’ll understand the natural forces that create our individual and collective realities.  You’ll comprehend that we all have the same ability to use these forces for good or for evil. You’ll begin to see these forces at work everywhere.  You’ll learn to control, focus, amplify and correctly use your personal power with ease. You’ll start to reap the rewards you’ve always sought: but never found.  It won’t require your belief or faith, which come with practice.  And, it doesn’t even require any real effort on your part, though faith and making physical steps toward your goals will help them to manifest faster.  It’s as easy as daydreaming. Your understanding of this knowledge will make you begin to naturally and automatically think in new ways that will make your future as you’d like it to be.  It’s really not hard at all.  Wrap your mind firmly around this concept.


We each wield enormous power throughout each day of our lives.  We control powerful forces of which most of us are totally unaware.  Your power can create good or bad future events for yourself, for your friends and family and for all of humanity.  Here’s the problem: We unwittingly create positive and negative, life-giving and even potentially fatal events in the future. Without knowledge of this power, using it is like playing Russian roulette with the engine of the universe. And, our individual realities and the realities of everyone we think about are direct results of our control, lack of control, use or abuse of our awesome individual powers. But, once we understand our power, we naturally tend to use it for our benefit and for the common good.  So, seriously examine your power and learn to use it to help yourself and everyone you love to become the best originals you can be.


Your subconscious mind is in continuous contact with the subconscious minds of everyone else alive today and possibly with all minds on other planes at all times throughout the universe. The collective subconscious controls the omnipotent, omnipresent quantum field.  It envelops everything, powers the atoms and manifests our holographic universe. And, your individual mind, while in the alpha level awareness (daydream state), is your personal control console for the collective subconscious. It’s your key to your personal power and what everyone must learn to control for posterity’s sake.


The collective subconscious does NOT understand “words” or language. It only understands your mental images. The mental images you consciously or unconsciously design (imagineer) onto your mental screen are totally understood by the collective subconscious.  In other words, your daydreams largely dictate your reality. And, it interprets your daydreams as your desired future reality.  It figures that you wouldn’t spend so much time daydreaming about it, unless you wanted it in your life. Your future is largely a reflection of the most recurrent images you’ve displayed on your mind’s screen and the images of you of those who know you. The more times you mentally image a thing, the greater its chances of materializing into your reality. Think of daydreams as votes for events to happen in your future. It’s the only true democracy. And, it’s perpetually happening inside your head all day long and throughout our universe.  Our cruel and unlawful world rulers want you to be ignorant of this information, so they can enlist you in their multi-million man army who daydream their nightmare into existence for them. Understand the situation, but when you imagine their nightmarish plans, instantly delete the images, more on that later.


To use your power with any degree of control, your conscious mind must communicate with the collective subconscious (place your order) in its own language: in deliberate mental images. Words have no effect on reality, except to convey concepts which paint mental images in our minds.  It’s our images, our imaginings that program reality.  You must also learn how to edit out your negative daydreams. I’ll tell you how briefly.


Don’t confuse night dreams with daydreams.  Night dreams are born from random splashes of unrelated images from your mind’s image storehouse upon your mental screen.  You’re asleep.  So, your subconscious mind is unchained from the false restrictions and limitations normally imposed on it by your conscious mind.  While asleep, it’s free to recreate by fully exercising its enormous power to connect unrelated dream images into some sort of continuity or story.  Meaning can’t be deciphered from night dreams, because images have different meanings to different people.  Bad night dreams have no real power over you or your future, unless you assign power to them when you image (recall) them the following day, when you’re awake.


Your daydreams, on the other hand, are the programs or the code of the creation of your future. The things you imagine (lament, desire, grieve about, gripe about, hash over, resent, anticipate, hope for, hate, love, regret, etc.) most frequently are the things of which your future will be composed. Until you learn to manage these images, life will be a chaotic mess of good and bad events and repeats of past negative experiences.


Likewise, our collective daydreams ~ the images most common to the mind of mankind ~ program our collective future reality, locally and globally.  The reason everything is chaotic is because we entertain a chaotic mix of good and bad daydreams, unaware that we are causing our chaotic personal and collective realities. No wonder everything is a mess.  And, the banksters thrive on chaos.



The duration of an image you host on your mental screen isn’t very significant.  Only the quantity matters.  So, rather than make up a twenty minute movie with great detail that you must labor to recall, make up a two or three second scene that’s easy to remember.  And, keep it simple.  The less complicated your daydream is, the less difficult it is for the collective subconscious (or the quantum field) to orchestrate events to make it happen. Lots of my personal daydream programs are at night, to limit content and detail.  If it’s simple, it can happen faster.  And, consciously re-daydream, repeat your imagineered beneficial mental scenes as often as possible.

The collective subconscious (the quantum field) is an automaton ~ a machine with strict functions.  It powers the electrons.  It automatically assumes the mental images you entertain most frequently are the things you want in your future.  The images held most frequently before your mind’s eye are absorbed by the collective subconscious, which then scores the collective will with your will (daydream), engineering future influences and pathways accordingly to, one day, enable your (intentionally or unintentionally) programmed scene to materialize into your future, unless it was against the collective will.    Most of the time, collective will doesn’t weigh in much, because we imagine more personal things for which there is no collective opposition.  The collective subconscious does not qualify your daydreams as good or bad.  It only quantifies them.  Negative or positive, it’ll manifest exactly what you (or we) program it to make, unless you lose the area’s vote.  And, it requires no faith or belief.  You can do it skeptically, which will just slow down the materialization.



To improve our lives, we must not only create positive daydreams, we must edit our negative daydreams as well.  In their absence, there’s more space and time for your many shorter positive images which you willfully create for your benefit.  This process reverses negative trends in our personal lives. And, it’s easy!  The same process, done collectively, could reverse the negative local, national or global trends that we collectively, unwittingly create ~ and then sentence ourselves to endure and, hopefully, survive.  (Mankind needs a single positive image of our collective future to counter the evil world leaders’ nightmarish plan, that they’ve duped Us into daydreaming for them!)


Before you begin to fully exercise this power for your benefit, you must first learn how to negate and prevent negative images from recurring on your mental screen.  Editing your daydreams is simple.  It’s best to delete negative images as they occur on your mind’s screen. This prevents them from coming back to mind and from negatively influencing your future and/or Our collective future.  This exercise cancels your request to the collective subconscious to manufacture the negative events of the bad image you just canceled.  To successfully delete a negative daydream, once again, you must do so in the collective subconscious’ own language.

When you catch yourself daydreaming a negative image, first freeze it on your mind’s screen.  Then with your imaginary paintbrush, draw a sloppy black circle around it.  Next, draw a nasty black X through the circle (the international symbol for danger or other negative identification).  Lastly, imagine tossing the whole picture spinning upwards out of your mind, away from the planet like a frisbee.

Now, you’ve told the collective subconscious in its own language to delete the bad image and negate any negative influence it may have had on your future and also to never again entertain that image or images like it.  A recurring negative image that has frequented your mind many times may require you to repeat this technique several times.   Remember, you are the gatekeeper of your mind.  You can choose what to imagine and what not to imagine.

At some point you’ll find yourself alarmed that you can’t remember the negative image you just deleted, seconds ago.  You’ll feverishly try to remember it until you do.  Then you’ll have to, again, circle it, X it and toss it up and out of your mind. You’ll soon learn to ignore his “bad dream amnesia,” settling for the happy knowledge that you cleaned house.  And, if you can’t freeze an image or easily recall it, don’t worry.  Just Circle and X the blank space after the negative image leaves your mental screen, then toss that upwards out of your mind.  It’s almost as effective.  And your ability to freeze images will improve with practice.   Also, you may remember having entertained a negative image without cancelling it out in the past.  As you recall the image, circle and X it.

Your past:

Many negative thoughts are memories of bad events and circumstances from your past.  Think of them as unwanted baggage.  They anchor you, slowing or preventing your forward progress.   By frequently recalling negative images from your past, you’re blocking positive images with a log jamb of past negative images.  Also, the source power sees your repeated mental images of your past as your order for your future, making your tomorrows resemble your yesterdays condemned to repeat mistakes of the past.


Each time they recur, freeze them, circle them, X them and toss them up and out.  This cuts the strings from negative experiences.  Once you’ve learned the lessons from the past, you need not remember the bad events.  So, toss them out and go on with your life. You can also visualize your most traumatic past negative events as enormous weights or baggage chained to your ankles.  Then just mentally cut the chains and shackles away.  Feel yourself accelerate away from the weight of the bad baggage.  Begrudge the huge pile of the worst times of your life as it disappears behind you down a mental road into your past, where it belongs.  Learn the lessons as quickly as you can.  Then slash the ties and move on.  Now you have more free mental time and space for positively imagineering your better future.

Image Become grudge-less to limit negative images from the past.  Forgive all your past enemies and adversaries. Love them, but pity them.  They, like you, are only the result of their genetic origin, their experience and their reactions (choices) to their experience.   Like most of Us, they’re only using their limited conscious resources to try to get along as best they can in this weary old race.  If they had the knowledge of all the secrets in the universe, they wouldn’t have wronged you.  So, realize their humanity, totally forgive them and lovingly delete your negative images of them from your mind. This frees up lots of future mental time during which you may entertain new positive images, custom imagineered by you.  And, it frees up your old enemies to evolve.


Your present:

Negative thoughts of “where you are now” endorse your entrapment. Edit them and negate them.  Then replace them with images of “where you will be,” enabling you to aspire to that new place to be “who you are becoming.”  You can image with your eyes open or closed. Mainly, attempt at the most vivid image you can muster.  You don’t have to continue to be “what you have been.”  It’s your choice.  Today really is the first day of the rest of your life, because just now you’re learning the knowledge to set you free. You’re a work in progress.  Live in the now.  More fully experience and appreciate the present as you willfully, mentally create your better future.  You can’t change the past.  But, you can file it away to prevent it from becoming the pattern for your future.  To make room for a great future you must release your old past, learn its lessons, make the best choices you can in the present while imagining your future, as you like, relentlessly.


When you begin to get over your past, you begin to become more fully aware of the present, enabling you to more often stop to smell the roses. Remember that complaining about something you hate makes emotionally powerful mental images of that thing you hate, images sent to the collective subconscious on an order form with the signature of your soul.  This, of course, only creates more of what you hate in your future. Observation is manifestation.  So, as best you can, ignore everything around you that you don’t like.  (You quickly get better at all of this with practice.)  You’ll see that, as you ignore the bad, it dissipates and fades into the background.  Griping about it is like picking a sore so it never heals or, worse, gets infected.  By praising and being grateful for the good things you have, you’re imagineering more like them in your future.  So, count all your blessings, often, no matter how small.  And, take the time to feel and express gratitude and appreciation for others’ blessings, too.   This spreads the good programming by making them see the good in them or good they’ve accomplished and appreciate it.  It forms a good bond between you, too.


Be in the moment.  Finish a task before starting another.  Prevent stress by tripling the amount of time you estimate it will take you to fulfill obligations.  Recall only memories that make you feel good.  Never imagine yourself as a victim or a loser or host any negative mental self-images without instantly taking a few seconds to delete them.  Install an imaginary alarm in your mind that sounds off when a negative image occupies your mental screen, automatically triggering the paint brush.   As you edit negative images you’ll experience an ever-increasing sense of freedom from them.  And, freedom is power. If you want to feel better, eliminate your negative mental images.


As you put this knowledge into practice, you’ll begin to mentally dwell on more positive things, which makes them materialize.  If you don’t like a thought, negate it, then dwell on something better.  You can choose what to think. What you see with your mind’s eye is what you get.  So, if what you see is what you get, see better!  Edit your daydreams all day long every day. Get in the habit.  Look for the good around you and the good in others and in the environment and appreciate all of it.  Forgive yourself and then you can more fully love yourself, so others can forgive you and love you, too.  The universe is infinitely abundant.  It can supply everything that everyone needs and wants.  So, know that you have the right to have everything you need and want.  You have the right to be happy.  Release the old to make space for the new.  Focus more and more on what you desire and less and less on any negative current realities or past calamities.


Realize that mediocrity always attacks excellence.  Reverse the polarity of others’ jealousy by praising their accomplishments and those of everyone around you.  Then you’ll also be more eligible for accomplishment and for praise for your achievements.  And, forgive the jealousy of others, imagining them to be praiseful, instead.  Refuse to believe the bad in others. Mentally replace it with good, thereby helping them to become better.  This isn’t a mystical ceremony.  It happens all day long in your mind.  You’re just not applying any discipline to it now.  Now you know how to self-discipline your imagination.

When a crisis happens, ask what lesson it’s trying to teach you.  Then learn that lesson to end that crisis.



Mentally project love to yourself and to all those around you.  (Try this in a traffic jamb and witness people stop competing)  Provide value and service to the world to receive value and service for your self.  Be the change you want to see in the world.  Don’t forget to daily affirm your love for yourself and your forgiveness for your imperfections, human frailties and mistakes, to release yourself from your past to speed up the manifestation of your future. Develop the attitude of always striving to be a better you.  Don’t compete against others.  This can only make you becoming a poor copy of what you perceive others to be.  That’s pitiful telemetry. Only compete against your own record of achievement.  This makes you become a better original you.  The banksters (Khazarian Zionists, the “zi” in Nazi, illuminati monsters, our only declared enemy, the world’s leaders) thrive on our chaos, pain, suffering and death.  They perpetuate it and perfect their plan by keeping us ignorant of this knowledge and using our power (us) against us.

Mental Imaging Tutorial

Create your mental images (programs) of your future desired events from the perspective of being in the event at that future time, looking out of your own eyes at it unfolding before you.  If you’re having trouble imaging something, think back to a time when you looked out a window into a cold world and lost yourself in a daydream about a warm paradise. Then put yourself in that state and imagineer your daydream.  No trance state is necessary, no ceremony. It’s simply daydreaming while you drive or walk or do any boring activity.  Also, don’t be too specific when composing the daydream. The more details you add to your daydream, the more strings must be pulled throughout your world in order to manifest your daydream into reality.  Make your visual order easy for the quantum field to fulfill.  Make your daydream orders short and memorable so they’re easy to replicate, just a few seconds long.  And, then repeat them as often as you can until they’ve manifested.


But, be careful what you imagine, because, if you imagine it often enough, you will get it.  And, you may not like it when it happens, because your daydream reality may be complicated with unforeseen negative consequences.  This is why it’s best to imagine an unavoidable result or effect of the reality you want, a result that would necessarily have to have happened to enable the reality, rather than imaging the specific event.  This gives the collective subconscious more avenues through which it can accomplish the event, hence accomplishing your reality sooner.  And, it may even engineer a better event than you’d planned with your limited conscious mind.

An example of this would be a strategy to have a more enjoyable and profitable occupation.  You may think that you’d enjoy being a jeweler (for example). So, you program that reality relentlessly.  Mysteriously, you somehow enter that profession and then realize you hate it.  Here’s the problem.  You don’t know what every occupation on Earth entails.  You are your own worst critic.  You (consciously) know yourself least of all.  You don’t know what undiscovered talents or phobias you have. And, you don’t know if the people you’ll work with are compatible. So, consciously, it would be almost impossible for you to determine the best possible job for you. Your subconscious has access to all knowledge.  So, don’t program being in a specific job.  Instead, image the effects of having a job you love.


One way you might do this would be to imagine your alarm clock waking an extremely excited and happy you to the opportunity of the day.  Imagine yourself gracing the alarm clock with a soft stroke to turn it off, rather than knocking it off the nightstand onto the floor into pieces, as can happen when you hate your job.  Imagine you bounding out of bed, fully rested, happy, energetic and eager to get to work.  This enables the omnipresent collective subconscious to engineer you into the occupation most likely to make you happy, the job that’s best suited to you and all your natural abilities, limitations, penchants, needs, likes, dislikes, quirks, preferences and talents.  And, it well may be an occupation you’ve never even considered.

Imagine you driving, shading your eyes from the glare off the new paint, smelling the new car smell, with a huge grin on your face, imagine it relentlessly.  You’ll probably have to have a pretty great job or come into some money for that reality to occur.


Here are three other examples of imagineering the “effect” of a future event you desire, rather than the actual event:

To manifest someone to love, don’t imagine you coupled up with a specific person, as that person may be totally wrong for you, leading to unhappiness or worse.  Don’t waste time.  It’s too precious and too limited.  What you want is some-one who’ll make you feel elated, whose company you’ll thoroughly enjoy ~ some-one who shares your feelings, likes, dislikes and some-one you don’t mind showing off in public.  Make creating the reality easy for the collective subconscious by limiting the ingredients of the daydream.  Imagine you’re walking slowly in a public place with your arm around someone, laughter and voices with tinkling of dinnerware, your head is raised, eyes closed, mouth open, laughing hilariously at some-one’s quick wit, a tear streaks down your face as you experience the love, relief and gratitude of knowing that the some-one you’re holding is the most compatible partner you’ve ever had.  The daydream didn’t even have an image of this unfound lover.  It takes two or three seconds and leaves all the decisions to the collective subconscious.  You don’t care who it is, only that he or she makes you feel this way.


Or, to imagine an influx of much needed money, imagine yourself happily skipping up the steps of your bank, stress-free, or simply patting your pocket with pride, excited to deposit the wad of money into your account or to cash the check or pay the bill, exhilarated with joy over your new found prosperity.  It’s just an image of you looking out of your own eyes down at your feet negotiating some steps or a walkway with a lot of joyous emotion connected to your image of the experience.  It takes seconds.


To give yourself temporary immortality, while simultaneously preventing the loss of any of your limbs during your long life, from time to time imagine you sitting in a porch swing looking down with your own eyes at your own aged, frail, wrinkled, liver-spotted hands resting clasped in your own lap. Feel the warm sun shining on you as you look out on the beautiful landscape in your visual field..  Feel your hands against your thighs as you push with the tips of both shoes to make the porch swing gently sway back and forth.  And, experience the satisfaction of having had a full and rewarding life.  Do this fairly frequently and it will make you immortal until that day arrives and make your life rewarding.  With this technique, I’ve survived many circumstances which should have killed me, some in third world countries.


You must repeat these images often to ensure their realization.  And, those who do not imagine their futures (or for whom no one else imagines a future) may have no future at all.  They are eligible to become the statistics, to die of the many horrors we all shamefully imagine will kill however many people in our area in any given time frame.  So, to protect those you love, also repeatedly imagine them in a distant time, happy and healthy.  And, imagine the cessation of deaths from all those causes in your area.

How we affect each other’s lives:

The images we have of others also affect their lives as much, or even more than their own images of themselves and their futures.  As stated above, the collective subconscious is democratically controlled.  People who know you can unwittingly keep you trapped in your past, continuously being who you have been, even if you use this information to its fullest extent.  As stated above, the collective subconscious (the primary source of everything) doesn’t qualify our images.  It only quantifies them.  And, everyone’s images count equally toward what becomes real in the future.  So, if you have many friends who continuously think about you, imagining pictures of who you were the last time they saw you, you can relentlessly dream of yourself as who you intend to become to no avail.


In some mystic disciplines a seeker is instructed to escape his or her personal history in order to escape the social imagery that would conflict with the seeker’s new path.  A stranger in a strange land can pretend to be anyone.  And, those who the stranger meets only have the stranger’s word for who he or she is.  So, they imagine the stranger to be who he purports to be, aiding the stranger’s transition into becoming who he would be.

If, however, you can’t escape your personal history, you can do the next best thing.  Fake it until you make it!  Tell everyone you know exactly who you are becoming.  Describe the person you’re becoming to them. Tell them to expect you to become that other person very soon. Then, constantly image yourself as having changed into that new person.  As your friends see you making little changes in that direction, they start imagining, “What if he does become this new person?” with the mental images to go along with that speculation.  Say things that make them imagine you to be that person. Continue repeating your short visual skits of who you intend to become or the reality you intend to manifest.  And, enact every change that you imagine yourself capable of enacting as quickly as possible.  Make sure that all who know you see your changes in progress.


Keep grinning until you’re winning.  When you maintain a sly grin on your face, folks around you imagine all sorts of good things that may be happening to you to make you grin so much. Happiness attracts success, mainly because most successful people are generally miserable.  So, when you appear to be happy continuously, regardless of your circumstances, eventually you’ll have the success or ample reason to be as happy as you pretended to be.


Your future feels very familiar:

Each time your self-programmed future events manifest into your reality (happen), the collective subconscious notifies you of this event by inducing the dejavu feeling upon you.  It’s not saying, “You’ve been here before.” It’s saying, “Remember this program? Your order is now being served.”  But, this feeling of familiarity can sometimes come over you when your surroundings are nothing like the daydream program you’ve been repeating in your mind.  That’s because it’s not the actual event, but indication of a doorway leading to the event, perhaps telling you which fork in the road to take.  So, whenever you’re in an unfamiliar situation, but you’re feeling dejavu, pay careful attention to everything around you to see if you can feel which doorway or which path to take.  But, generally the dejavu feeling happens when you’re in the actual event you’ve been programming.  And, the more times you’ve daydreamed the image, the stronger the dejavu feeling will be when it happens.

Mankind’s Future:

Our collective daydreams define our collective future.  Unfortunately, currently, there is only one main collective daydream of our future: the horrible nightmare created by the psychotic illegal rulers, the illegal owners of our Earth and Us.  They hate us and really do think of us as rats. That’s why they add sodium fluoride (rat poison) and other poisons to our water supplies and make us pay extortionists’ rates for it perpetually.  But, they know the secrets of creation.  Their horrible daydream is currently winning, only because they have manipulated us into helping them.  We must stop helping them by doing their evil work for them by daydreaming their nightmare.  Circle, X and toss it up and out.

Of the positive daydreams opposing their nightmarish plan, unfortunately for us, there are as many of them as there are souls to daydream them.  We need a single collective image of our beneficial, ecologically conscientious, just and prosperous future that most of us can accept.  But, to achieve that we must reverse our competitive paradigm into one of global cooperation and start real democracy to scientifically define our true will ~ to collectively design a future global daydream that will be universally accepted. And, then we must dream it more often than we dreamed their nightmare.


Democracy is the ultimate social expression of cooperation, governance designed to  relentlessly and perpetually define and fulfill the true will of the People.  It’s impossible to accomplish in a competitive paradigm which they promote on every front.  Further, they’ve vilified the word, “democracy” (unless it comes from their mouths) by calling their demockery democracy.  There’s never been a true democracy.  In their rat race, matrix of lies, only they are cooperating with each other holding strong images of the future they want, while we compete to become the “winners” of our personal tickets into their inhumane nightmare.  Now, they have us divided and conquered.  Don’t help them by daydreaming their nightmare for them.  Circle and X it and toss it up and out.


Our collective will has never been expressed (possibly until Tunisia and Egypt). It’s always been repressed, controlled, manipulated and misrepresented.  Here’s the truth they hide most:  The first time we define our true collective will about anything for all to know, it will quickly start becoming our reality.   This is the knowledge they most fear being released to the public.


We need for most people to become aware of these principles.   We must start a movement toward a consolidated vision of our beneficial future.  We must hold this image in the mind of mankind more frequently than any opposing vision.  And, we must do all this very quickly ~ if we are to win the banksters’ War on the Mind of Mankind.


If you are a moviemaker or you know one, please, see that this un-copyrighted knowledge is made into an award winning popular YouTube movie in all languages and shown to all Humanity, so that we can ensure both survival and prosperity for Posterity.

Sweet Daydreams!  Edit them carefully.  Now, you know there is something you can do about anything you dislike.   Never again, can you say, What can I do about it?”

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Alan D. (Al) Smith is the Founder & Interim Director of www.MajorityVoice.org ~ Man’s first and only local/global system of real democracy. :  Please email al.smith@majorityvoice.org for additional information.

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Exploring the Connection Between Nature and Health



It’s in the Dirt! 

Bacteria in soil may make us Happier AND Smarter!


Many people talk about the restorative benefits of gardening and the reasons why it makes us feel good.

Just being in nature is already therapeutic, but actively connecting with nature through gardening is


And why is that?  All sorts of reasons have been posited:

  • It’s a meditative practice
  • It’s gentle exercise
  • It’s FUN
  • It allows us to be nurturing and to connect with life on a fundamental level.


Yum, dirt! Photo by Guy Ambrosino.

Some recent research has added another missing piece to the puzzle: It’s in the dirt. Or to be a little more specific, a strain of bacterium in soil, Mycobacterium vaccae, has been found to trigger the release of serotonin, which in turn elevates mood and decreases anxiety.  On top of that, this little bacterium has been found to improve cognitive function and possibly even treat cancer and other diseases. Which means that contact with soil, through gardening or other means (see Elio, above), is beneficial. How did this discovery come about?

Mary O’Brien, an oncologist at Royal Marsden Hospital in London, first stumbled upon these findings while inoculating lung cancer patients with a strain of M. vaccae (pronounced “emm vah-kay”) to see if their symptoms improved. She noticed that in addition to fewer cancer symptoms, patients also demonstrated an improvement in emotional health, vitality, and even cognitive function.

Dr. Chris Lowry, at Bristol University, decided to explore O’Brien’s discovery. He hypothesized that the body’s immune response to the bacterium causes the brain to produce serotonin. Lack of serotonin is one symptom, or perhaps even cause, of depression. He injected mice with the M. vaccae (pronounced “emm vah-kay”) and then observed both physiological and behavioral changes. He found that cytokine levels rose – cytokines are part of a chain reaction, the end result of which is the release of serotonin. To test behavioral stress levels, Lowry put the mice into a miniature swimming pool, knowing that although stressed mice get even more stressed by swimming, unstressed mice don’t seem to mind. And voila! His M. vaccae mice did not exhibit higher stress levels after swimming.


Could M. vaccae be used as a sort of vaccination to treat depression? Possibly, and it is still being explored as a treatment for cancer, Crohn’s disease, and rheumatoid arthritis. For a more detailed but still understandable summary, see this article in The Economist, “Bad is Good.”


More recently, Dorothy Matthews and Susan Jenks, at the Sage Colleges in Troy, NY tested the findings, again on mice, but this time by feeding the bacterium to them rather than injecting it. They fed the mice tiny peanut butter sandwiches with a little M. vaccae smeared on. Yummm.


Then they ran the mice through a difficult maze. Compared to those that did not ingest the bacterium, the M. vaccae mice “navigated the maze twice as fast and exhibited half of the anxiety behaviors.” Serotonin is also thought to play a role in learning, so it may have helped the mice not just by making them less anxious but by facilitating greater concentration. Once the bacterium was removed from their diet, they continued to perform better than the control group for about three weeks. As the bacterium left their system, the superhero effects tapered off and by the third week, the difference was no longer statistically significant.


This research is important because it indicates that the bacterium could potentially affect us through normal everyday contact and not just injection. Just how does M. vaccae affect people (as opposed to mice), and how much would be needed to influence us? We don’t know that yet, because that study has not yet been done. “Gardeners inhale these bacteria while digging in the soil, but they also encounter M. vaccae in their vegetables or when soil enters a cut in their skin,” says Matthews. “From our study we can say that it is definitely good to be outdoors–it’s good to have contact with these organisms. It is interesting to speculate that creating learning environments in schools that include time in the outdoors where M. vaccae is present may decrease anxiety and improve the ability to learn new tasks.”


Matthews and Jenks shared their results at the 110th General Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology in San Diego and at the Annual Animal Behavior Society Meeting at William and Mary College. For a more detailed summary of this research, see the Cosmos Magazine article, “How gardening could cure depression.”

Horticultural therapy at Wesley Woods Hospital. Photo courtesy of Kirk Hines, HTR/Wesley Woods Hospital of Emoryhealthcare

Interestingly, with gardens and horticultural therapy in healthcare facilities, practitioners often use sterile soil, in which all bacteria has been removed, to reduce risk of infection. This has been thought to be particularly important for people with immune disorders like cancer and AIDS. It’s certainly true that soil can harbor harmful bacteria as well (not to mention the occasional piece of glass or rusty nail, so make sure those tetanus shots are up to date!). But what if bacteria were found to have more of a benefit than a risk? Further research might change the types of soil that are specified for certain populations and activities.


In the meantime, gardeners have one more excuse to root around in the dirt, and parents and teachers have another incentive to let their kids play in the great outdoors.


Follow-up from March, 2011: A new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine reported that children who grow up on traditional farms are 30% – 50% less likely than other children to develop asthma. Researchers correlated the high diversity of bacteria and fungi in household dust  – from soil and farm animals – with the low likelihood of asthma. Even parents and teachers who believe in the joys of connecting with nature may hesitate to let their kids fully engage (in other words, get dirty). But perhaps a little extra soap and elbow grease at home is a fair trade for healthier, happier, and smarter kids?

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7 Ways Our Children Are Being Brainwashed


From birth, virtually all of us have been brainwashed through various outlets that encourage materialism, ego, subservience, control and conformity. But where do the origins of mind control begin and what can we do about it?


7 Ways Children Are Brainwashed

1. Religion

As children, the brainwashing begins in the church when we are baptized.  Many parents do not question baptism or the origins of it and blindly have their children baptized as the church welcomes them into the community in the name of Jesus Christ. The Jesus story, alone, isn’t questioned by enough Christians who blindly believe anything they are told in the name of “faith”.

I’d like to believe there is a Santa Claus and an Easter Bunny, too. These holidays both have Pagan origins, yet Christians never question these either. It’s all part of the lie propagated to us by religion.

When Brainwashing Begins: The Onset of Mind Control in Children | in5d Alternative News | in5d.com |Many Christians will argue that their church does good things for others while the bible provides good morals and values. A counter-argument is that you don’t need a church to do good things for others or a bible to be a morally sound person. Additionally, the bible also teaches hatred and fear such as when God allegedly kills everyone with the “Great Flood”, except Noah and his family. Related: BLOODLINES: Let US Make Man In OUR Image – Who Is ‘US’ And ‘OUR’? These are the horror stories our children learn in Sunday school.  Not only that, but the messages are often convoluted and ambiguous. What kind of message are we sending our children? While the bible provides nice parables to learn from, they are not necessary, especially with all of the other negative content provided by religion. And we haven’t even touched all of the unnecessary deaths through inquisitions and crusades which continue today. Killing innocent people seems to have a common theme in religion and is carried on to our children as they become toddlers.


Teaching A Child to hate

With the idea planted that it is alright to kill in the name of God, our children begin to emulate these preconceived ideas through the games they play.

2. Ridiculous role models

Boys play with cork guns and cap guns and begin to play “Cowboys and Indians” at a young age.  Think about how appalling this is, not only to indigenous people but also teaching a child to kill as a “game”.

When Brainwashing Begins…They also are bought G.I. Joe action figures and pretend to kill opposing troops. Plastic figurines of soldiers in combat are sold to children, some of which prominently display ethnicity, which plays into the divide and conquer mentality that is seeded at this age.

Most girls have played with a Barbie doll at some point in their life.  The Barbie doll sets the stage for materialistic attitudes as well as buying into the Cosmo girl image. It also dictates the role and expectations of what a woman should look like while dividing our children in stereotyped roles for the rest of their lives.

3. Money, ego and materialism

We often ask our children, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Rarely does a child say, “A healer” or “A yoga instructor”. Often, a parent will help to persuade a child into a lucrative job role such becoming a doctor or lawyer.


The need for money is further enhanced through board games such as Monopoly and Life, where our children learn greed through bankrupting their friends. While there are some positive attributes of these games, the bottom line is how they support a positive view of the banksters who have corrupted this planet while emphasizing materialism and greed.

Also see: 3 Financial Suicides in 5 Days…. Something Is Going Down

The latest bankster game involves cashless Monopoly:

What are kids really learning in the game of Life?

4. Divide and conquer techniques

When Brainwashing Begins…Our children are taught how to play sports and the importance of winning. While sports provide exercise and promote physical dexterity and good health, they also play into the “divide and conquer” mentality that our children will carry with them for the rest of their lives. How many asinine arguments have you seen between two grown men arguing whose team or player is better than the other? First of all, it’s not “their” team unless they have physical ownership of it.  Secondly, the two players they’re arguing about probably could care less about their argument.  Lastly, these two people are too blind to see how they’re still buying into the divide and conquer mentality that was ingrained within them since they began playing “Cowboys and Indians” at a young age. The game is blatantly being played before our own eyes, yet many of us fail to see it.  For example, if the Dallas cowboys were to play the Kansas City Chiefs (or Washington Redskins), then you have your classic “Cowboys vs. Indians” match-up.  It’s all about “My tribe” is better than “Your Tribe” which keeps us separated as people.

5. Television

Many of us grew up watching television which can be a humorous outlet or an opportunity to actually learn something, but for the most part, it gets us accustomed and hypnotized into subservience once our brains enter the alpha state of conditioning.  How many times have you sat through a commercial, knowing fully how much you despise the commercial without changing the channel?

Albert Bandura has a theory of modeling where the child will emulate the parent’s behavior.  This is why “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”. In the absence of the parent(s), the child will be influenced by what he or she sees on television, further influencing their materialistic and ego-ladened views of society, while accepting television as a normal part of their daily routine.

The entire main stream media (radio, television, magazines, book publishers, etc…) are owned by 6 corporations who greatly influence our children through programming.  Even the word “programming” should be questioned, because this is exactly what brainwashing does… it programs our minds and especially, the minds of children who are easily influenced.

When Brainwashing Begins…

6. Education

Our educational systems encourage conformity and competition while suppressing or ignoring any special abilities a child may have, such as the ability to have an out of body experience. In addition, our children are not learning the true history of our origin while being forced to learn a propaganda filled view of what history looks like through biased eyes. Also see: What If Everything You Were Taught Was A Lie? The textbooks our children read are printed by companies who, ultimately, are Zionist owned.  What are the chances that a Zionist view would differ from the view of a Palestinian or someone who opposes Zionism?

7. Health

In a recent article entitled, “The HIDDEN History Of Fluoride” the addition to fluoride in our water supply as well as in chemtrails has helped to dumb down the population in order to make us more subservient and controllable.

Part of the hidden history of fluoride includes the following:

1940 Soviet concentration camps maintained by fluoride administration to inmates todecrease resistance to authority and induce physical deteriorization.

1950 Soviets add fluoride to water in prison system to maintain subservience in the inmate population.


1954 C.E.Perkins, I.G.Farben chemist, admits fluoride is to reduce resistance in people to authority. Robert Carton, PhD formerly President of the union of Government Scientists working at the US Environmental Protection Agency said: “Water fluoridation is the greatest case of scientific fraud of this century, if not of all time.

If fluoride has been proven to create subservience in prison and concentration camps, then what is it doing to our children who refuse to question authority figures or any official government position that is against the best interests of humanity?

One must also question the insurmountable number of vaccines our children receive. There is NO amount of mercury that is acceptable in the human body, so one must ask how ANY mercury will affect our newborn children? With the incresing number of vaccines our children receive, we also see a correlation to the number of deaths due to vaccinations as well as an exponential rise in autism.

What can I do about this?

1. Realize that as long as there is money, we are ALL economic slaves.

When Brainwashing Begins…

It all happens by the age of 12-14. One thing we don’t teach our children is how accumulated wealth is a delusional idea which inconspicuously facilitates status, security and happiness, all of which are inherent without money, yet we have been engrained in this illusion that separates us as a global society while maintaining barbaric divide and conquer principles in a capitalist society masquerading as a democracy.

At what point is enough, “enough”?

2. Ask questions… a lot of them!

Our children should be encouraged to ask questions as often as possible instead of regurgitating the state-sponsored propaganda that our schools teach.

For example, because of corporate greed, we are creating an unsustainable society.  The use of “fossil fuels” is a ridiculous proposition within itself to assume that all of the world’s oil came from decomposed dinosaurs, but it’s even more asinine to assume we even need oil for fuel when hydro technologies are available, such as the water powered car invented by Stanley Meyer or Tesla’s free energy system.

Innovators, such as Meyer, are “rewarded” by threats and execution by those who fear the loss of power. The simplest answer is to open source all inventions, including suppressed technologies.

Our children never learn these truths in school because according to our economic slave masters, innovation only comes at the expense of need, not conformity.

Our children should be encouraged to be the innovators of the future who work in the best interests of humanity instead of CEO’s and business executives who are pillaging our planet at the expense of the 99% who are enslaved beneath them.

2. Ask questions... a lot of them!

3. Think outside the box

Our educational system does not encourage creative thinking and the majority of what our children learn is all left-hemisphere thinking, which is mathematical and logic based, instead of right hemisphered, which is artistic and creative. By doing so, our children are essentially being trained to work either inside a cubicle or at a fast food restaurant because they never learned the tools of creativity and how to follow their life purpose versus being forced into the corporate world of economic subservience until they are 65 years old.


4. STOP WATCHING (STATE SPONSORED PROPAGANDA) TELEVISION!!! 4. STOP WATCHING (STATE SPONSORED PROPAGANDA) TELEVISION!!! Watching TV is arguably the #1 brainwashing tool of the corporate elite as the television will tell you what to wear and how to think while taking away your own ability to think critically for yourself. The news programs are designed to keep us living in perpetual fear because when we live in fear, we move further away from our true spiritual essence. The use of fear also makes us more controllable as a population where we eventually give up our civil rights in exchange for perceived security. The commercials are just as bad as any “programming”. Most TV commercials show extroverts who are specifically dressed in a certain way with clothing that appeals to your senses in subliminal ways.


5. Try to eliminate as much fluoride from your daily routine. Not only does fluoride help to contribute to a more subservient population, it also calcifies your pineal gland, otherwise known as the “3rd eye”. Your pineal  gland is a gateway to other dimensions, so if it is calcified, then you will be limiting your utmost ability for creative thought and expression as well as dimming your spiritual connection to Creator and your higher self. The further you move away from spirituality, the easier it is for you to be controlled.

6. Research the detriments of vaccinations. Please keep in mind that there is NO amount of mercury that is good for anyone, especially children!


7. Do NOT ingest any genetically modified foods (or processed foods) There have been NO longitudinal studies on the effect of GMO’s on our bodies, so we are all literally guinea pigs being tested. One thing you might want to consider is the poison that is built into specific foods, such as GMO corn. When a bug eats GMO corn, it explodes from the inside out because the BT Toxin is not in the husk of the corn, but it the corn, itself. Imagine what this corn is doing to you and your children? Try to buy organic food or grow your own with organic heirloom seeds. When shopping at the grocery store, avoid just about all products in the middle aisles as they are generally all processed foods. Do You Know Someone Who Is Hiding Their Spirituality?


8. Teach your children how to meditate. Meditation has the potential to literally transform the world. In 1978, what is known as the “Maharishi Effect” a group of 7000 individuals over the course of 3 weeks were meditating in hopes of positively effecting the surrounding city. They were able to literally transform the collective energy of the city which reduced global crime rates, violence, and casualties during the times of their meditation by an average of 16%. Suicide rates and automobile accidents also were reduced with all variables accounted for. In fact, there was a 72% reduction in terrorist activity during the times at which this group was meditation. When you meditate, you look within for answers instead of relying on other people’s opinions, whether religious, political or educational. The truth is ALWAYS within. Anything you have ever been taught has been something that was regurgitated by someone else. Look within and you will find the answers you are looking for.

Can you envision world without money?

If you can’t envision a world without money, then you will probably have a difficult time understanding the future, especially if you watch a lot of television. In the future, when a child is asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” they will answer, “Me” and will have a concrete idea who “me” is versus the children who have been raised to worship the almighty dollar as they blindly follow the flock ahead of them through religious and educational institutions. We have been brainwashed for over 2,000 years.  It’s time to break the chains.

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About the Author: Gregg Prescott, M.S. is the founder and editor of In5D and BodyMindSoulSpirit. He hosts a weekly spiritual show on In5D Radio and promotes spiritual, metaphysical and esoteric conferences in the United States through In5dEvents. Gregg is currently working in collaboration with Michelle Walling, CHLC, in opening a holistic walk-in clinic called Alternative Holistic Healthcare (AHH) in Sarasota, FL with subsequent subsidiaries around the world based upon this model.Gregg Prescott, M.S. is the founder and editor of In5D and BodyMindSoulSpirit.  He hosts a weekly spiritual show on In5D Radio and promotes spiritual, metaphysical and esoteric conferences in the United States through In5dEvents. Gregg is currently working in collaboration with Michelle Walling, CHLC, in opening a holistic walk-in clinic called Alternative Holistic Healthcare (AHH) in Sarasota, FL with subsequent subsidiaries around the world based upon this model.

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