The Progression of Power

The Bridge ~ Reminder #95

The Progression of Power

The reality that you create is up to you

Anyone who desires to become more proficient at using The Intention Process must pass through six stages or steps before becoming an adept. I was fortunate to learn these steps from a tall, highly intelligent man who mysteriously showed up at my doorstep one summer day when I was living in Corrales, NM. He said his name was Ralph, and that he was an author of a different sort than me. Whereas I’d always been interested in the intuitive side of life, Ralph’s talent, as I soon realized, was that he was scientifically oriented. He liked to analyze things and put them in order.

After a few minutes of customary introductions and niceties, we got to talking about the laws of manifestation, and Ralph said that, lately, he’d been writing about something he’d discovered in his research. It had to do with a particular progression that most people go through in order to become more skilled at manifesting.

The initial step in this progression, he said, was testing. If we’re going to create anything consciously, we must first run a test by making an intention and establishing for ourselves that the process works. Once we realize that our intention has, in fact, manifested in our physical experience, we’ll be more apt to test it again by making several more intentions and watching closely for them to manifest as well. In this way, he said, we gain a modicum of proficiency and work our way toward the second step in the progression: we begin to trust.

Ralph explained that the more we see our intentions come into manifestation, the more our level of trust grows. We start to get comfortable with the process and, usually not long after that, we reach the third step, which he called confidence. Confidence, according to Ralph, comes to us when we understand that we’re really on to something. ¬†At this point, we typically begin using The Intention Process more often. We use it to bring anything that we need into our lives, and we use it confidently.

After noticing that our intentions are coming to life on a steady basis, our confidence then turns into a knowing.

This is the fourth step, and Ralph said that this is where our manifesting skills take a gigantic leap. He said that in preparation for the book he was currently working on, he had interviewed hundreds of people and found that those who had a knowing about their ability to create consciously lived an altogether different kind of life than those who hadn’t reached this stage yet. They had a charisma about them; they’d come in touch with their innate power, and, from this point on, there was no turning back. He said it was as if they’d awakened from a dream and had no desire to go back to sleep. Life had regained its excitement and adventure, now that they had accessed their true power. The only thing left for them to do after that was to act courageously. And that is the fifth step: courage.

When we reach the stage of courage in our evolution, we are no longer hampered by what others think or say about us. Fear and intimidation don’t play the same roles in our lives as they used to. We call forth the highest good and make our intentions courageously, knowing that whatever we’re intending is going to manifest for us.

Our base of power grows stronger and stronger, and soon, after acting with courage for awhile, we reach the sixth and final level on our journey: fortitude. We become like a castle or an impenetrable fortress built upon the peak of the mountain. Having made our way through the previous five steps, we stand firm, at the pinnacle of life, masters of all we survey. Nothing can touch us now. We are grand creators, freed from all worldly cares as God’s most precious gifts are arrayed before us to pick and choose from as we please.

From The Code ~ Intentions in Action

My Intention for today is:
I intend that I am a mighty manifestor
and that all good things come to me easily and effortlessly.