Inertia – Repost from The Bridge ~Step 98


The Bridge ~ Step 98 ~ Inertia Everything We Give Our Attention to Becomes more, Bigger, and Brighter!


The Bridge ~ Step 98 ~ Inertia

Everything we give our attention to becomes more, bigger, and brighter


     Inertia is the force that keeps something or someone who is moving in motion, and it keeps something or someone who is resting at rest. In order to overcome it and have something new happen, a special kind of influence or energy is necessary. In terms of the quality of our lives, we’d have to care a lot more about our world than we’ve cared in the past. We’d need to start moving in a different direction. This is what The Code does, for embedded within its lines is the promise of a better life for all who are willing to think something new. 

If you sit in on the average casual conversation today, much of the talk would likely center around the national picture, what the politicians are doing, and where “we” are headed. You and your friends would probably agree that the national situation isn’t giving you what you really want; that you seem to have lost your freedom, your peace, your own power to do with as you please; that our war-like tendencies simply aren’t serving us anymore; that our distribution of goods and natural resources favor the “haves” and penalize the bulk of the world’s people; that you live in fear; and so forth.


You could go on and on listing the flaws in the current system, and almost everyone would have an opinion which would ostensibly help to make things better from within the framework of the current system. The current system, however, is first and foremost an illusion that we choose to keep our attention on. We could just as easily talk about something else, if it weren’t for the power of the inertia we keep bumping into. Just try to get your friends to set the topic of politics aside for awhile, and see what happens. In most instances, it would be as if no one heard you. They’d keep on talking, lost in the inertia of the national collective mind. 

There are those who would say that we’re powerless to make changes in the face of collective inertia, but this simply isn’t true. As we said earlier, changes occur when a new influence or energy is introduced into the picture. So, let’s shift the inertia by introducing The Code into our hypothetical scenario. We’ll apply the Ninth Intent and make an intention around it by saying, “I intend that I am creating my ideal world by envisioning it and telling others about it. I share my vision.”


When we do this, our imagination is unleashed. We have a new direction, one which gives us the autonomy to create our own vision, and the knowing that, in the envisioning, we are actively and consciously creating something better for ourselves. Our power instantly returns to us, and, from this point on, we’re back on track, doing what we came here to do.
From The Code: Intentions in Action.

My Intention for today is:
I intend that I always have enough to spare and enough to share.

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IN ONE WORD….. WEALTH! (Law of Attraction in Action)


Saw this on Youtube and found if to be excellent and beneficial.  – Enjoy Manifesting!

Published on Sep 7, 2012

This works for me! Most of my life I had nothing, money-wise. Once I began delving into the Law Of Attraction things finally took off for me. The change was dramatic. It took me years to “get it” though. Once I got it however, things changed rapidly. Focusing in on WHAT I WANTED was the key. I needed to stop worrying. I would do affirmations….chants… visualizations…all of that good stuff. But then…I’d go right back to worrying about money. Worrying about bills. How would I ever have enough? I didn’t realize WORRYING is an intense form of focus….and my “subconscious mind” was delivering to me, more of what I was focused on….which was ANYTHING but wealth! Once I devised a method to stop worrying (this was key for me)…and then turn my attention to WEALTH….it only took a few short years to amass more money then I would have thought possible. Business ideas came to me which I turned into success….I bought my first home (at age 40…much later than most!) Sold that home…bought another…sold it…and so on. Amazing! One of my favorite “wealth consciousness” methods, and one of the BEST and MOST EFFECTIVE techniques is this powerful focus exercise. Just one word. That’s all you really need. ONE WORD….. WEALTH! The word sends powerful vibrational energy to your subconscious…which then goes to work bringing about what it is you focus on. Focus your attention on wealth! In this video, the spiral attractor draws you in and clears your mind of any distractions, allowing you to narrow your concentration. Stare intently at the screen and focus on the word WEALTH. Then, I bring in a floating US 20 dollar bill… to flood the mind with thoughts of wealth and money. This technique improved my life 100 times over, and it’s the main reason I’m sharing this video with you. A sort of “pay back” if you will, for all of my good fortune. Have a great day…and think WEALTH!